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an excessive or abnormal attraction to music.

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44 days until walk the moon


twenty one pilots (ft. Hunter Hunted & NoNoNo) @ The Fillmore, Charlotte, SC 4.6.14

Last night was truly awesome. I really can’t even describe it any other way. When we got there, we were only an hour early and the line was really long already, which kind of stressed me out since I had wanted to get there earlier. But I tried to stay optimistic. Soon we were inside and had gone ahead and bought t-shirts and wristbands (both of which are really cool and comfy). Our spot wasn’t too great since we had gotten there late, we were maybe 20 rows back. I like small venues a lot but this one was small in a weird way. The space in front of the stage wasn’t that wide, so there were more rows with less people in each row. Also, it seemed like there were so many tall people, it was ridiculous. Being 5’0”, it was a bit frustrating. Around me there were a few other shorter people, who also were in bad positions, but there were just entire rows of tall people.

Anyway, we decided to just deal with it for now, and we enjoyed the opening acts. Hunter Hunted had a great energy and their frontman, Michael, was really charismatic and adorable. My friend and I instantly decided to go buy t-shirts from them after the show. NoNoNo was alright, but they didn’t quite have the same energy. Just before twenty one pilots came on, we managed to get a bit farther up. We actually had a semi-decent view, but a string of taller people just randomly decided to move for who-knows-where to right in front of us and obscured our view again.

Once twenty one pilots came on though, it didn’t really matter. If you stood in the right place and craned your neck a lot, you could catch glimpses of them. I was on my tip toes all night. My phone had a better view than me, actually. The energy level was spectacular, though, very similar to my Walk the Moon concert, which is just how I like it. Everything was just perfect, it was everything you could hope or expect a concert to be. The adrenaline lasted another hour or so after we left. I just really can’t describe it in any other way than awesome and unreal.

After the show, we got Hunter Hunted merch and got pictures with almost all of the band members other than the drummer. I feel really accomplished because this was my friend’s first concert, and she loved it, developed a her first band member crush on the Hunter Hunted bassist, and discovered how amazing band merch is. Anyway, sorry this was such a long post, but I felt like such an unbelievable experience deserved a long text post so that’s what you get. |-/

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